The first Digital Orthodontic Solution Multitecnic

¡Sorprende a tus pacientes con el único sistema de Ortodoncia que se adapta a sus deseos y necesidades!

Esthetic and clinical benefits

What is it time2smile?

Why time2smile ?

Porque el futuro es la Ortodoncia Multitécnica ¡y ya está a tu alcance!.

The clear aligners are virtually invisible, removable appliances that are changed every two weeks for a new game. Each aligner is manufactured specifically for your teeth and have the new position that the teeth are acquiring.
It can be removed at any time for any reason or daily hygiene.
Once designed the orthodontic process, the computer makes the future position of the patient’s teeth, which will serve as a model for the braces.

Discretion and technology join to create the most innovative and discreet orthodontic market. We next generation diagnostic tests that give us more accurate information. With all this data, the computer performs a simulation of the movement of the teeth so they are correctly placed.


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Aligners – How they work?

A sequence, each aligner slightly modifies the position of the teeth.